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Truck Dispatching

 We are here to make your trucking life easier. Our goal is to connect owner-operators with the perfect loads, tailored to your preferences. We will go the extra mile, making calls to brokers to find the ideal haul for you. Also, we handle all the paperwork, ensure timely payments, and keep your deliveries on track. Our dispatchers are experts at securing the best-paying freight loads, and you always have the final say.

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Truck Types

Hallmark Supports is committed to delivering efficient and secure transportation solutions.

Power-Only Trucks

Power-only trucks offer flexibility, and we're experts at making the most of it. Our team connects you with power-only loads that keep your rig in constant motion. If you want to go with a loadout Trailer or Tow-away loads, it's your choice. We got you covered in every way. Dispatch fee goes as 300$-350$ (5-6%) Depending on the fleet size.

Reefer Trucks

Reefer trucks play a critical role in preserving perishable goods during transit. We take that role seriously by connecting you with reefer loads that meet your preferences and maximize your earnings. With Hallmark Transportations LLc expertise, you can count on consistent and lucrative reefer hauls. Dispatch fee goes as 300$-350$ (5-6%) Depending on the fleet size.

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Dry Van Trucks

Dry van trucks are the backbone of many hauls, and we excel at finding the ideal dry van loads that suit your business. With Hallmark Transportation LLC, you can expect maximum capacity, higher gross revenue, and efficient deliveries on every trip. Dispatch fee goes as 300$-350$ (5-6%) Depending on the fleet size.

Step Deck Trucks

When it comes to step deck trucks, we understand their unique capabilities. Our dispatch team specializes in finding step deck loads that not only fill your trailer but also ensure the safe and efficient transport of taller or unconventional cargo. We are your partner in securing the most profitable step deck hauls. Dispatch fee goes as 300$-350$ (5-6%) Depending on the fleet size.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are designed for versatility, and we know how to leverage their potential. Our dispatch services are dedicated to finding high-paying flatbed loads that fully utilize your equipment. Whether it's heavy machinery or unique shipments, we ensure you transport them safely while boosting your profitability. Dispatch fee goes as 300$-350$ (5-6%) Depending on the fleet size.

Box Trucks

Box trucks are perfect for smaller loads and local deliveries, and we're committed to keeping your vehicle busy. We'll match you with box truck loads that make the most of your capacity, so you can hit the road with confidence. Dispatch fee goes as 300$-350$ (8-10%) Depending on the fleet size. (We deal in box Trucks larger than 26 feet only).

Hotshot Trucks

Hotshot trucking requires precision and speed, and that's precisely what we deliver. We find you hotshot loads that prioritize profitability and timely deliveries. Our dispatch services keep your hotshot truck consistently in demand. Dispatch fee goes as 300$-350$ (8-10%) Depending on the fleet size.

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Our Packaging Options

What you get from business with us.

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Power Only


Load out Trailer for 7-10 Days


Tow away and load out trailers




Complete back office


Dry Van/ Reefer/ Flat Bed
Flat Rate





Per truck per week


Continuous load throughout the week


Handling factoring and Invoices


Advance load booking


You have multiple units?

Custom Plan

Negotiate with us


You are the Boss


Discuss plan with us


Carrier preference is our top priority


Box truck/ Flatbed Hotshot


Keep your truck rolling on the road


No matter CDL or Nn-CDL


Guaranteed 2$ per mile


Back hauls from every corner of the state


Factoring Services

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   Cash flow is crucial. Our factoring service converts your outstanding invoices into working capital, ensuring financial stability for your trucking business. No matter the size of your fleet, we have got flexible solutions.

  - Expert rate negotiations.
  - Maximising profitability.


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Document Management

   We take care of your important paperwork. Our digital document management keeps everything organized and easily accessible. From bills of lading to insurance certificates, we have got you covered.

  - Efficient digital document storage.
  - Easy access to essential paperwork.


Billing Services

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   Say goodbye to financial headaches. We simplify your billing process, making sure you get paid quickly and accurately. Focus on growing your business while we handle invoicing, payment tracking, and account reconciliation.

  - Streamlined invoicing.
  - Prompt and precise payment tracking.
  - Hassle-free account reconciliation.
  - More time for business growth.


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Safety & DOT Compliance

  Safety is our priority. We ensure your compliance with safety and DOT regulations, from managing driver qualification files to monitoring ELD logs.

  - Strict compliance with safety regulations.
  - ELD log monitoring for hassle-free compliance.


IFTA Reporting

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Simplify IFTA reporting with our accurate services. We handle the complexities of tax compliance, ensuring precise fuel tax reporting to help you avoid penalties.

  - Hassle-free IFTA reporting.
  - Avoiding tax penalties.


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Company Formation Guidance

Starting your trucking business? We'll guide you through the process, from selecting the right business structure to handling registration and licensing.

   - Expert guidance for business formation.

Truckers Accounting

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 We understand trucker-specific accounting needs. Our services cover income and expense tracking, tax planning, and reporting to keep your financials in order.

  - Specialised accounting for truckers.
  - Keeping your finances in order.


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Trucking Invoice Management

   Invoicing in trucking can be complex. Hallmark TransportationsLLC precise invoicing service ensures quick payments with fewer disputes, letting you focus on the road.

   - Precise invoicing for quick payments.

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