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Frequently asked questions.

  • How does Hallmark Supports LLC negotiate rates for carriers?
    We negotiate top-paying rates based on market conditions, aiming to secure the best rates possible for your loads.
  • Can you assist with setting up paperwork and agreements between carriers and brokers? 
    Yes, we provide assistance with setting up necessary paperwork and agreements to ensure smooth operations and reduce liability.
  • How does Hallmark Supports LLC handle communication when a driver is unreachable?
    We offer fax, email, and documentation services to bridge communication gaps and ensure essential information is relayed promptly.
  • Do you perform credit checks on carriers?
    Yes, we conduct credit checks, categorizing carriers into A, B, or C grades based on their Motor Carrier Number (MCN).
  • Can I request quick pay for my loads through Hallmark Supports LLC? 
    Yes, you can request quick pay, especially in cases of delays, and we'll work to expedite your payments.
  • Is fuel advance assistance available for carriers? 
    Yes, we provide assistance with requesting fuel advances, helping carriers manage their expenses efficiently.
  • How can Hallmark Supports LLC assist with insurance certificates in case of loss? 
    We can help you request insurance certificates, ensuring you're covered in the event of loss or damage, and coordinate with involved parties like carriers and brokers.
  • Do you offer driver direction assistance for carriers with limited technology access? 
    Yes, we provide driver direction assistance, especially when drivers lack GPS or internet access, ensuring they have the guidance they need.
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